Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc
Presidents Prattle December 2022

Presidents Prattle
14th.of November 2022
Hello fellow members and motoring enthusiasts, well it is almost Christmas, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
There has been a lot of progress throughout the year resolving some of the outstanding is-sues. At our last Executive meeting on the 13th. November the Committee accepted the rec-ommendations from our Club Lawyer, our Club Auditor and two letters from Tax agents that the Club is recognised as a NOT FOR PROFFIT Organisation which is good news for the Club.
The only outstanding issue now is the expulsion from the Executive and the threatened abol-ishment of the Northwest Section, all of which has created much angst among fellow mem-bers. The Committee has asked for this issue to be referred to our legal adviser on ratification of procedures, due to various interpretations of our Clubs’ Constitutional wording.
It has also been brought to my attention that some members are of the opinion that the Northwest Section packed the State AGM to ensure Mrs Mavis Calvert was elected as the in-coming State Secretary. This I can assure you all, is totally incorrect, as members were totally unaware as to how many nominations were up for election for the position of State Secre-tary, and whether voting would be required or not. The reason there were so many North-west members at the State AGM was because of the motion on the AGM Agenda to abolish the Northwest Section from the Club, and for no other reason. I for one was very proud of the Northwest Members for it showed that they were committed to their Section and were willing to stand up and fight for what is right when considering that they as Members had done nothing wrong to be threatened with such a penalty.
I encourage members to get involved in their Club and relevant Section, to stand up and have your say, but remember one voice on its own will achieve little, but many voices can achieve almost anything. In closing, again I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, may all your wishes come true.
Doug Eastley   Your State President VCCA (Tas) Inc.