Presidents Prattle March 2024
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For once I have realised that it is nearly time for me to send my latest ramblings to the editor before the cut off date for the next newsletter. We have just had this year’s Peter Waddle run and it was really good to see so many non veteran owners come to see the oldies in action.
Thanks to all those who organised such an enjoyable event.

The Annual State Tour is our next major event and a few entries at the last minute have brought numbers up to about 30, which is a nice number for a pleasant easy going run. Mike and Marion have been running round checking routes and organising interesting things to see on the way, and as usual we need to be grateful for the work that members put in to make these events as much fun as they always seem to become.

It is that time of year that all members have to think about the election of office bearers and committee members for the coming year. It is absolutely vital that we have an active and motivated group in each section to see the Club continue to be a welcoming and progressive organisation. If we leave it to the same people for too long the whole Club will stagnate and become less enjoyable for all members and much less appealing for prospective members. So if you feel you can help us to progress as a Club , or if you believe another member can do so PLEASE put yours and their names forward when the nomination forms come out in Small Torque.

Today Ashley Monks and I went to look at a 1928 Chev 4 roadster which has just been donated to the Northern section for our next restoration project. That is, after we finish the Dodge. The owners wanted to see the car restored, and after seeing what we had done with the ambulance they asked if we would like to do up the Chev, which had been dismantled for restoration about fifty years ago, and dry stored ever since. It never ceases to amaze me how generous people can be, and how over the years the Club has been held in such high regard that people are prepared to do so much to help us preserve the motoring history of Tasmania.
Drive courteously , Joe