Presidents Prattle – July 2022

Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc
A bit of history on our Car Clubs Name and the Brass Radiator Badges that adorn our Cars.
From the start of the Car Club it was called Veteran and Vintage Car Club of Tasmania.
Around the end of the 1968 or 69 the name changed to Veteran Car Club of Australia
(Tasmania) INC.
The Original Brass Radiator Badges showed VVCC TASMANIA. Then after Association of
Veteran Car Clubs in Australia the Brass Radiator Badges showed VCCA TASMANIA.
My first Club car, my 1910 Star Roadster is sporting the Early VVCC TASMANIA Brass
Radiator Badge of which I am very proud of as it’s a piece of history in itself. As this Badge
is no longer available and I wanted a few more I turned to the new technology of Water
Cutting and with a club members help we photographed the VVCC badge off my 1910
Star. This photo was converted into a PDF file and then to a DXF file that the Computer
Water Cutter needs to do its process.
Joe Young, Club President