1961 Fiat 1800 wagon
Brakes all done and steering components redone
No rust. Interior in good condition.
Repainted approx 10 years ago
Enquiries to Kerry Edwards (Ulverstone)
0484 395 271
1948 Super Ten Singer Tourer (2door, 4 seater)
Dismantled. Reconditioned motor.
Kept undercover. $3,000 Offers considered.
Lance Hingston 0498 985 859
Photo for illustration only not actual car
1955 Singer Hunter
Original condition. Ideal for restoration.
Low Mileage 53.000.
Kept undercover. $3,000 Offers considered.
Lance Hingston 0498 985 859
Four Stud Wire Wheels – 19 inch and 18 inch. $50 each.
Please ring Ron 6244 4832.
Spare Parts for Sale at VCCA (Tas) ABOVE Northern Section Spares Shed
When Searching for parts by number or name .... Press
Ctrl and the letter F at the same time and a small window will pop up.
Type in what you want and if there it will show highlighted.
Please let me know if you have sold items here and want them removed as you could keep getting phone calls. Thanks Damien
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The story of our
1913 Hillman 9
There were just three Hillmans at the 1988 National Rally in Canberra and two of those were from Tasmania. Peter and Pauline Ford had their delightful 1913 Hillman 9 and we had a 1930 Hillman 14.
Having seen how well the little 9HP Hillman went, I could not resist buying one when it was offered to me. The car was mechanically 99% complete but had no gearbox. Since then we have found a gearbox and have had the motor restored. There was no body but that was seen as a minor problem at the time.
Have since found a tub that is correct for the year and is the right size.
We decided to downsize 3 years ago and sold the other 4 Hillmans in our shed leaving just the 1913. We have finally settled down in Wynyard but sadly the unrestored Hillman and a 1954 Citroen are still sitting in the same place, largely untouched.
Must admit that a couple of other Citroens did get in the way.
The time has now sadly come to accept that we’re unable to finish that project and have therefore decided to sell the car. It is a rare vehicle and we believe that there are only two others that have survived.
For those members that have seen the Ford’s Hillman, they will know that it is a reliable little car that just seems to go and go. So, if anyone is interested, come and have a look at it. It is currently well covered up but can be dug out.
Hank & Pauline ten Teije 0408 375 243

1955 Austin A30

Paint & upholstery have been restored, new battery & tyres.
The car is currently in Scottsdale.
asking price: $11,500 ono
Contact: Paul Ashton
Phone: 0488 982 105

1986 Mercedes Benz 300E
68,000 miles, as new tyres,
Current SI rego.
$8,000 negotiable
Contact Bronwyn 0408 283 493
Located in Forth area.
Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc
1924 4cyl Buick Tourer

In excellent condition – good rally car.
In the touring class – often called a very “Pretty car”.
Absolutely no major or minor parts missing, needed or faulty other than speedo-cable.
No operational or maintenance information missing. Original owner’s manual still with greasy finger prints – but clean copy of same also available.
And many useful articles.
Engine has about 1000 miles since thorough over haul. 30 thou over-sized alloy pistons, new valve guides/valve grind, head gasket, rocker cover gaskets. Rocker arms and push rods adjusted/ground to make sure rocker clearance remains uniform Main bearings, con rod bearings and oil pump in top condition. Re: clearance/operation.
Water pump overhauled (somewhat of an overkill – cost $1000?) SS shaft, bronze impeller, special sleeve tailor made from bearing casings, interfaces the SS shaft and original heavy duty bronze Buick bushing – to discuss. Probably last 1000 years?
Starter motor in 1st class condition, armature as new, no scorching, no scraping, all brushes later style heavy duty type accurately set. Works a treat! All interconnecting pieces in the lay shaft IE distributed etc.
in excellent alignment.
No warp-age in exhaust manifold – all pipework and muffler brand new and much better mounted than done originally.
Electric fuel pump, flow controller and significantly better filter replace the original vacuum device which failed (but available for repair). So no variation in engine speed when parked on an incline or going up down long hills. Amazing just how much better this engine now idles.
Four new tyres, tubes and liners. All wooden spokes sanded/varnished.
Spare is old but good,
Top and paintwork are old and in very good nick. No need whatsoever for new top nor paint job!
Ridiculous number of large and small spares (to discuss) Excellent crankcases/shafts, radiator, gear-box. Steering column, engine/TX covers, Spare crown wheel still in original packing material.
Side curtains, original grease gun, original petrol can (two options available), many tailor made tools for jacking rear wheels, removing engine or other parts.
Door wood re-worked so close nicely and top folds down to set neatly in cradles without twisting.
Have an old tourer already??? which you are not sure what to do with – and not too attached to?
Consider selling? And upgrading to this very much improved excellent old Buick (Holden Body)

My son Andrew Grubert will be selling this car from Tasmania 0428 947 394
Considering offers from $25,000.

1919 -1923 Model T rear mudguards
in excellent condition. One has most original
black paint.
$ 900 the pair ($450 each). (Replicas cost $US 375 + shipping +exchange and have minor
stamping error= TOTAL $US 1500)

(Tentative purchase) Health permitting
I will likely have two model A engines and two Model A gearboxes in good to excellent condition for sale. Prices yet to be determined but $450-$480 for the gearboxes dependent on which tower you want 28/29 = $450 or $480 30/31. And $450 for the engines demonstrated running
(some demo bits can be kept – some cannot)
Good model A diff with spring, backing plates, and drums. 2 X 21” wire wheels .
Also to be demonstrated running so you can check for broken teeth, bearing noise etc. Offers from $900
Ford Prefect speedometer (I think?) $150
Many, many small and large Buick parts, carb., engine and transmission covers, crown wheel still in package, crankcases in excellent condition, radiator, steering column, transmission, rockers, starter motors – will send detailed emails of any parts sought with price as best I can judge? Offers are very welcome!
Heaps of Model A 21 inch wheels. Suitable for garden feature, antique box trailer or good enough for daily use (perhaps). Make an offer on what you see.

ANDREW GRUBERT 0428 947 394
or ROGER GRUBERT at Email rhcgrubert43@gmail.com (I am not reached easily by phone)
Two Veteran Car Horns
One Brass Rotax and the other Nickel Plated.
Price negotiable. Call Joe 0407 431 643.
Austin 10 1935

parts, manuals, literature, consumables etc.
Fully restored, registered, driven and serviced.
Yellow duco. Leather seats wood dash and fittings. Log book 14+ years.
$17,500. Deloraine district. Peter 0408 894604 or pa6780204@gmail.com
New folding trailer.
Unfolds to 8 x 4 , will go through a standard house door, all wiring complete, turn and travel lights
Never used, came as a kit and cost $1200, will sell for best offer over that.
Contact: Geoff
Phone: 6344 1222
1936 Austin 7 Ruby
Some restoration work completed.
For further information contact:
John Allport 0418 467 688 or email troplla@bigpond.com
Singer Long Arm Treadle Sewing Machine – Ideal for upholstery, side covers and hood.
$150 – please ring Ron on 6244 4832.