VCCA (Tasmania) has over 750 members Statewide with a collection of more than 1000 cars, motor cycles and trucks. We are organised within the state as three separate sections. That is, a self administered section in each of the three telephone districts. Each section has their own clubrooms. These are situated at Brighton in the South, Launceston in the North and Ulverstone in the North West. Each section has their own organising committee and run a very comprehensive events program throughout the year. Some events are organised in which all three sections take part together. These often attract over 100 vehicles.
Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc
Club members are entitled to a low cost registration where our vehicles are only used for approved club activities. These vehicles are identified by a number plate beginning with the letters VC. To be club eligible and qualify for this registration a vehicle must be at least 30 years old and pass a roadworthiness inspection conducted by our club Technical Officers. Not all cars in the club have VC registration however. Some members choose to have their vehicle registered as a “Special Interest” (SI) or maintain full registration. The reasons for choosing different types of registration is a personal one. It costs less per year to register with a VC plate but you can only use it for test drives (special conditions apply) and listed Club runs. SI registration is more expensive. To register under SI the vehicle must be passed by a registered inspector. SI registration allows you to use the vehicle for 52 days a year. You are required to keep a logbook of use that is provided by the Transport Department.