This Launceston car, which looks to be a 1904 Oldsmobile, with what Oldsmobile called the ‘French Front.
If anyone has history please let me know
I have been informed that this car is a
1905 Cadillac model 'C' Thank you Francis Ransley.

Cars on Tasmanian Rally in c 1909-1911
On one of the RACT City to City Annual events
Photos below sent by
Francis Ransley
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The Woman Motorist
Some well-known Tasmanian ladies
with their cars
photos W Fellowes Tasmanian Mail 1925
From Clubs Facebook site by Scott Carter
When Cars were Art
1960's - Richmond, Bridgewater,
Longford, Symmons Plains
The last three generations of Thomas Archers at Woolmers were avid motoring enthusiasts. Beginning in 1904, Thomas Archer IV was an early adopter of the new automobile technology, and a founding vice-president of the Tasmanian Automobile Club.
His son and grandson followed in his footsteps
Baskerville Tas TSS1
Regularity Humpy Holden 20 Feb 2016
By Ellis French
Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc
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