Presidents Prattle July 2024
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Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc
For my last prattle I would like to start out by thanking all those members of section and state executive committees who have helped make my position as president a relatively easy task over the last seven years. It was a bit of a shock at the time to be asked if I would consider taking on the job as I had been a very inactive member for nearly fifty years and had never considered myself to be the kind of person who would be seen as president. It has been an interesting few years for me, as I have always been a bit on the casual side and don’t tend to take life too seriously, but it seems to have worked out and not too many members have got upset with me, or at least if they did they didn’t tell me.
The Club, when I joined it as an eighteen year old who was also interested in stock cars and hot rods was at the time run by older people, who looking back must have been about half the age of the current office holders, but when you are that age anyone over forty looks ancient and over thirty just looks old. I remember with gratitude the help and support of the likes of Mick Bartels and Geoff Paine who lined up the Falcon Knight for me. I hope the current crop of seniors continue to support the young and not so young new members who need a helping hand or a bit of advice just like those early members did for us.
The Dodge four project is progressing at a better than expected rate but no doubt we will strike a problem or two to hold us back as even so called easy restorations manage to hide a few gremlins to test our patience and skill levels.
Finally I wish all the best to the incoming committees, who will no doubt act in the best interests of the Club as our predecessors have done now since 1956.
Happy and safe motoring, Joe