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Upholstery Jobs
Seats, door cards etc
Leather or vinyl.
Using new or old material to suit your preferred look.
Bob Wickham
0419 746 867
Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc
For Sale
Automan air compressor
3 phase
5.5 HP motor. 12kg/cm2
171 lb/in
With air adjustment gauge, long cord and 3 phase plug.
Good condition. Fills in 21/2 mins
Spare compressor unit included.
$650.00 for club members
Contact Geoff 0418 131 633
For Sale
Anyone know of someone looking for a 1913 Model T Ford Tourer.
Car is an Original Australian Delivered Car in Echuca.
Attached Images don’t need a lot more explanation as they speak for themselves how good the car is.
Car Restored in 1980’s but looks as though it was completed yesterday
There are a good number of spare parts to go with the car.
Nothing to be done, just fuel it up, crank the handle and enjoy the ride.
Owner is suffering serious health issues.
Car is available to view by appointment
(Call Colin on 0413 884 234 to arrange) car is Located in Werribee Victoria.
Looking for offers…
Kindest Regards
Colin Pierce

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