1962 Max Duncan outside Commercial Hotel Wynyard
He was the publican of the hotel, & took the photos as the Rally drove past.
In the background on some slides, you can see the Inglis Garage, & a chimney, on top
In side that chimney,at this date,  waiting to be found was my 1913 Indian Big Twin Motor Cycle
I did not find out about, or recover it, until 1973,
Francis, Ransley.
1904 Oldsmobile, D Wells, Devonport

1904 Oldsmobile, ER Rainsford, South Australia

1907 Star, MTC Gray, Launceston

1910 Austin, H Crocker, South Hobart

1910 B.S.A., ETH Jowett, Launceston

1911 Ford T, DT Cripps, Hobart

1911 Hupmobile, ER Sims, Launceston & LL Shea, Howrah

1911 Leyland Fire Engine, Mark Cook, Launceston

1912 Austin, GE Sims, Launceston & Dr J Edis, Hobart

1912 Daimler, RJ&JF Dean, Evandale

1912 Napier, R Stapleton, Brighton, Vic

1913 Siddely Deasy, GW Fysh, Launceston

1914 Fiat, N Tishler, Armadale, Victoria

1922 Daimler, A C Gibson, Hobart

1927 Ford T, TT Garcia & LE Holmes, Launceston

1929 Austin, Miss A Filleul, Hobart

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