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2024 Peter Waddle
a lot of the photos are by Scott Carter and some are mine
2024 Peter Waddle
Photos and Video sent in by Bob Wickham

                            2024 Peter Waddle Tour
This year there were 17 entrants plus support crew which was great knowing that several members had health issues or had passed in 2023. We were blessed with both beautiful weather and lovely scenery as we spent 3 days motoring around the Deloraine area.
The Friday afternoon run was through Golden Valley and Quamby Brook before returning to the motel along Porters Bridge Road and River Road. The stunning drive through the canopy of trees as we came back into Deloraine, was even more special because our open cars allowed us to enjoy the unique smells of nature.
After an enjoyable Happy Hour we had our evening meal in the motel restaurant and first-timers were presented with small auto gifts.
The Saturday run was out through Red Hills, Dunorlan, Needles and Dairy Plains where we enjoyed morning tea and a view of the excellent car collection and gardens at West Park. The house was built in two stages; the first section by convicts in the 1820’s and the second in the 1850’s. We then continued through Dairy Plains and Caveside into Mole Creek for lunch. Mother Cummings Peak created a fantastic backdrop as we toured the back country roads. After lunch we visited the Stephens’ Collection where we were joined by a group of Mustang enthusiasts.
My day was made when our son, Josh met us on the Mole Creek Road and our two grandsons were legally able to hop in the back of the Darracq for the trip back to Deloraine. Our 14 year hiatus of not being able to have the grandchildren ride in the cars without an engineered fitted seat belt is no longer an issue for us as our youngest has now turned 7. Needless to say, both boys were very excited.
After another Happy Hour, tinkering and car talk we adjourned to the British Hotel for an excellent evening meal.
Our Sunday morning run was via Chudleigh, Western Creek and along Cheshunt Road to Meander Road and back to Deloraine. The short section of gravel was through very picturesque countryside. We then went to the truck show where the cars were on display. The MC was asked to select the car he liked the most. It happened to be our Darracq. We then adjourned to the Deloraine RSL where the committee put on an excellent country style lunch. Kelvin Callahan was awarded the Good Luck Trophy (there is no such thing as hard luck in veteran motor lingo).
Joe and Julie Clippingdale were awarded a gift for their ongoing assistance.
As per the MC’s choice, Peter and I were awarded the Peter Waddle Trophy.
A big thank you to Elayne Ransley for donating the rally bags and hats.
Jill Hawkins
Veteran Car Club of Australia (Tasmania )Inc